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Excellent service from Robin (in customer call centre)

Robin was very knowledgeable in all of the Response products I asked about and he confidently and quickly answered every question I asked. The level of service he provided was excellent. Keep it up!

S Syeda

Superb customer service and products.

Superb service from Response again. I've bought plenty from them over the years and for good reason. I've used the SA1 wireless alarms for years without any issues. It's been a reliable system. The products are excellent and customer service has always been outstanding.

Phil Johnson

Order # 69512 (WEB69512) - Replacement batteries

Exceptionally good service, battery arrived before time stated.
Very impressed, used before and would use again.
We installed our alarm system in 2006, no problems.


Great Service

I have used Response several times and on the last occasion purchased an alarm control plus two sirens.
Quick timed delivery with no problems.
Response sent an additional very clear wiring diagram for wiring a siren, because the Honeywell manual was not clear for the type of siren purchased.
But I wanted a wiring diagram for two sirens. My email asking for advice got a very quick reply with all the information need. Excellent service.

John Thorp

Wireless Doorbell

Excellent product, amazing next day delivery even down to a 15 min delivery slot. Very highly recommend!!

Hazel Price

Universal Alarm Remote

I wasn't too sure about buying a universal remote for my new alarm system but the revue's I saw were pretty good so I gave the SA compatibles a go. THEY ARE SUPERB! much better than the OE remotes, longer range, you have to press and hold so much less chance of accidentally setting or un-setting the system, and they are a stylish and sturdy design. I would advise anyone to use these remotes where possible.

Rob Grey

Friedland bell push

I rang Technical Services about the fact that the bell push relating to the wirefree door chimes had been stolen from the front door. Steve was extremely helpful, and ascertained that a new separate bell push would be compatible. I rang in the afternoon, and the new unit was with me the following day - very speedy indeed. Having assembled it, I could not get it to recognise the chime units. A quick call to the helpline, and I was soon through to someone who guided me through the procedure, which was very simple. I wish that all suppliers were as prompt and helpful as you are. Thank you.

Katherine Bryden

remote alarm fobs

I ordered 2 remote alarm fobs on the sunday and they arrived on the Tuesday lunchtime
Fantastic service
Thanks so much

michael ryan

Wireless Doorbell

Thank you for the excellent wireless doorbell SC379 and your prompt delivery. Great value compared to the DIY shops.

Stella Cole

Excellent Service

My initial query as to compatibility of the bell push was answered rapidly and the order was received the day after I placed it. Excellent customer service, thank you

Carole Cochrane

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