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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary movement in England and Wales with 2.3 million member households. Their mission each week is for their volunteers to share information to help keep themselves, their homes and their communities safe from crime.

Since it was first established in the UK from America in the 1980's, the movement has expanded and now the distinctive, round yellow signs have become one of the best-known brands within the crime prevention sector.

We (ERA) are proud to be working in partnership with them, towards the common goal of reducing crime in local neighbourhoods. We have a range of recommended Neighbourhood Watch products to strive towards that goal - from alarms, accessories, security cameras and doorbells. 

Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Accessories

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Neighbourhood Watch

NHW LogoAccording to Neighbourhood Watch, a review by the College of Policing for a number of research projects has shown that Neighbourhood Watch programmes that incorporate property marking and home security surveys (known as Neighbourhood Watch Plus), are effective at reducing crime by between 16 and 26 per cent.

Active Neighbourhood Watch schemes work in the local area to increase surveillance, alter offenders’ perception of risk, if an area is clearly marked as a Neighbourhood Watch area, alter the behaviour of residents, by encouraging them to consciously consider their own home security measures, and encourage other forms of social interaction and neighbourhood cohesion among communities. Why not join?


Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch and a scheme near you. 

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