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Alarm frequencies, what's the difference?

I must admit when searching for alarm system there is some confusing jargon that ‘means nowt to no one’ so trying to understand what you’re getting for your money can be daunting.

Some things that appear confusing are however fairly straight forward once you either get some advice or get your head round the terminology. For instance, the use of different frequencies typically associated with alarms – 433MHz and 868MHz won’t actually make a difference to your alarm system; they are merely just the radio bands that are used to transmit the wireless signals.


However, in simple terms a 433MHz systems can be more effective at penetrating around objects/ walls and can travel longer distances as lower frequencies have longer wavelengths. Such frequencies are also more widely used in many control applications and used throughout Europe.


Whereas 868MHz being a higher frequency can result in shorter wavelengths which can mean shorter travel distances and this band is reserved for specific application e.g. communications between wireless sensor networks. In terms of congestion, both frequencies are now similar with more devices transmitting at once on a 433MHz frequency but at shorter intervals which may improve the security of the data. On the other hand, on 868MHz overall there are fewer devices at any given moment transmitting.


It’s more important to do your research into the capabilities of the alarm system – does it suit you/ your families requirements, is it from a reliable manufacturer, how easy is it to set up and use? Does it futureproof any changes to your home e.g. how easy is it to add accessories, update the software? Will it work for your lifestyle – do you want smartphone operation or alerts via SMS/ telephone to family members in the event of a trigger?


It may be useful to take a look at our ‘jargon buster’ for other key terms you may come across. You could also try our ‘product comparisons’ which breaks downs the benefits of three of our alarm kits to make the comparison easier. If you do need any advice or help our support team are on hand Monday – Friday (9am-5pm) – 0345 257 2500 or drop them an email. 


We have a range of 433MHz and 868MHz Alarm Systems:


Smart Home Alarms - simple to use and install, reliable, smartphone controlled alarms 

miGuard Alert Alarms  - easy to set up, award winning, alert systems