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The Best Security Cameras for Outside Your House

There have always been benefits to having security cameras at the house, and as long as I’ve been able to afford it, I’ve had them installed. Over the years I’ve had a fair few different types, each with their own pros and cons. In recent times however, I wanted to move away from the bulkier CCTV options that are a clear deterrent but might not necessarily have the quality I was looking for.

I took a look at Response Electronics because I’ve bought a few home security products from them in the past, and I wasn’t disappointed. They’ve always had good options for many different types of products, and I knew they would deliver again with the type of camera I was looking for.

Because of this I’ve taken down the domed CCTV cameras and the bulky infrared CCTV system I had located at the rear of the building to protect the outhouses, going instead with the Y-cam range. Response gave me a very good price for both indoor and outdoor cameras that give me the ultimate level of protection.

They were easy to install, are light and small (I’ve already moved the indoor one to a slightly better position in a very easy manner) and allow me to track and see live footage from my smartphone. This type of camera has changed the way I think about my home security. They are not clearly visible to everyone, and they give me a much greater level of control than I’ve ever felt before regarding my home security solutions.


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