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DoorCam for cars, not just for homes

I was really looking forward to getting my DoorCam set up but like everything else, it went to the back of the list of things to do.  The convenience of being able to answer my door from anywhere was really exciting, I hadn’t really considered the security aspect.

Last week, my car was stolen! I live at the end of a long street in a cul-de-sac so without doubt the thieves knew what they were doing. To get to my car, they would have had to come very close to my front door and if I had installed DoorCam, the motion sensor would have picked them up and alerted my phone there was someone at the door.


I have learned first hand it’s easy to become complacent about security. Having never been burgled, it is easy to see security devices as gimmicky or convenience, rather than to keep us and our precious things safe. I now have a new car and with my DoorCam I take comfort that I'm alerted through my phone when someone steps on the drive.