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ERA DoorCam – An Overview

You know what? I’ve always wanted a camera on the front door, a proper intercom system that would allow me to see who was knocking and maybe ignore it if I didn’t want to answer. In the past though, it’s always been too expensive.

I was taking a look at the Response Electronics website recently to upgrade the full home alarm system I’ve got over here, and then noticed the ERA DoorCam, and my mind was blown with what I could finally get for a good price. Already, I can see a massive difference in how I feel about my safety when I’m at home, or even when I’m at work or out for the day, it gives great peace of mind.

What I like best about the ERA DoorCam is that it allows me to answer the door wherever I am, even if I’m not at home. This has been amazing when there has been a delivery that I’ve been waiting for but I’m in the office. The two-way talk function that I can access on my smartphone, means that I can speak to the person knocking at the door and let them know where exactly to leave the parcel safely and to make sure it’s out of sight. 

The live integrated camera is also amazing, not only can you speak to the person at your front door, you can see them too. Clearly. I’ve messed around with the setting a few times to make sure it’s all at the right level of volume, brightness and colour on the live video feed, and added the Wi-Fi connected plug-in chimes so that I can hear the door throughout the house when I am at home. I would highly recommend the ERA Doorcam for anyone looking to improve their front door security this year.

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