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How to Choose a Door Intercom System That is Right For You

Updating our home security systems has been something we’ve tried to do at least once a year. We’ll take a look at all parts of the home and figure out if there are any areas that require updating. Over the years we’ve installed stronger locks on the front door, applied window restrictors to the windows in the children’s bedrooms, and moved from wired, large home alarm systems to the lighter but effective wireless versions.

This year it was time to take a look at how we keep an eye on our front door.


A door intercom system was just something we’ve never really considered in the past, with the old fashioned approach of just going to answer the door perfectly fine for us. In the last couple of years though we’ve taken in my elderly mother to live with us, and with the kids still being at home, we thought it best to tighten security some more.


We chose a wireless video door intercom system for a few reasons. First, it was really easy to install – we could do it ourselves with just a few short instructions and it’s really simple to operate (even for my elderly mother).


Secondly, it allows us to see and hear who is at our front door using the portable handset wherever we are in the house. We can talk to the person knocking at the front door, and with the wide camera angle, night vision and Auto Snap feature that captures a photo of your visitor when the call button is pressed, it really has provided us with peace of mind that we can see exactly what it going on at our front door at all times.

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