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Indoor HD Cameras

Since we’ve bought the new house and have been doing it up I have been a lot more careful when it comes to home security. We wanted to install a top-notch home security system that keeps our minds at ease, protects the entire family at all times of the day and night, but a system that is also a massive and clear deterrent to potential intruders.

We have recently renovated the garage and another outhouse on the grounds of the property so I wanted to make sure that the belongings inside were well looked after. As well as buying and installing some of the best and sturdiest locks we could find we’ve also installed some brilliant indoor HD security cameras that cover the entire area fully.

With great coverage and smart technology I can now view HD quality live feeds and playback through a simple app on my phone. It has really enhanced the whole home security system process for me and the family. If the kids are playing in the outhouse we know that we can see what is going on at all times, and with just an easy glance to the phone. Equally, if there is a loud noise at night I can quickly take a look at what is happening in these areas, and other parts of the property without having to put myself in danger by venturing downstairs into the dark and unknown.

I would highly recommend an indoor HD camera and smart home security system set-up, and the guys at Response Electronics were marvellous in helping us choose the right system for us and with the installation process.

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