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Looking after Home During the Lockdown Periods in the UK

We’ve been worried about the UK going into another big lockdown like earlier in the year, or these rolling lockdowns that are put together in each local area and with different levels to look out for. It has made me and my family pretty anxious if I’m honest, not knowing if we’re coming and going and whether we’ll be able to go to work next week or even pop round to our family for a cuppa. 

With that in mind, we wanted to take control of something that we could completely control, and one area of the house that definitely needed improving was the home alarm system. We’ve got a pretty basic model that has been sat in place for the 8 years we’ve lived here. It has served a purpose but it’s big and bulky and has the one ‘loud alarm’ function. With lockdown measures and more time at home we wanted something a little bit more intuitive.

Browsing the Response website, I saw some amazing looking a smart alarm system and smart security products. After discussing things through with my wife we chose a few different elements, including a brand-new wireless alarm system that gives us greater flexibility and control, including a live video stream from an external floodlight of all things!

Our smart alarm system was within our budget, easy to install and to set up and whatever the lockdown throws at us, we are completely secure in our home and can check in when we are at work or away with family and friends. With so much uncertainty in the world, ensuring our home is safe and secure was definitely my priority in 2020.

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