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Looking after security in a big house with guests over Christmas

Christmas time is always a busy period. For us, we have all the family over, both sides and everyone stays with us. It is fantastic, but this year I wanted to put my husband’s mind at ease and make sure that we had upgraded our home security products in advance of Christmas. Whilst we won’t have many people staying, I wanted to know we can keep an eye on all the doors and windows, the front door security and keep us all safe.

At a time where we may be in and out of the house a little more, it is hard to keep track of who is where, who’s got a key to the front door and whether or not the back doors and the windows have been locked at night when we’ve all gone to bed. The guys at Response Electronics have been great, helping us improve our security, installing video doorbell systems and smart home alarms that will mean we can keep track in a much easier way.

It is great to have all of the smart security products connected in one place, with an app on our phones giving me and my husband the chance to check that everything is where it should be and to look at the live camera feeds. This will be a great relief around Christmas when we may have people in and out of the house every day for a few days. It is always great to have the expertise of a team like Response Electronics on your side, they helped us choose the right smart security products for our home this Christmas.

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