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Making Sure our Home Extension is Safe During the Construction Project

It has always been a dream of mine to build a massive home for me and my family. As our family has grown in recent years, with a few more kids and another on the way, we decided instead of moving to a bigger house we wanted to extend where we currently live. This has been home for years, we love it, the kids love it, and it makes sense to improve what we’ve got rather than start over again elsewhere. It’s a big project though and once we had the right team of architects and builders on board, we needed to speak to home security experts to help us secure our property.


The problem we were worried about, was whether an open construction site alongside the home we are still living in, would be an open target to criminals. We had recently installed a robust smart home alarm system with help from Response Electronics, so we asked for further help and I feel so much better about things now.

The builders we have working on the house have been great too, they are always working on projects like this, know how to keep things safe and add to that the smart home alarm system and CCTV security cameras we have on the house already, we know that during the working days our existing home is safe from harm. With motion sensors, cameras and a smart home alarm system connecting all the different areas of the house and the work on the extension, overnight and at weekends we know we can keep an eye on the building site and keep all areas of the home safe from burglary.

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