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Response Electronics

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Our Full Smart Security Systems

Looking at the different home alarm systems on offer, both online and in store, it had become a little bit bewildering to be honest. I knew that I wanted to upgrade the systems I had in place at home, all we really had was an old alarm system that was very basic and was there when I first bought the place 15 years ago. There was nothing else in place to protect the house really.


That’s when I stumbled across Response Electronics and found a breath of fresh air compared with the other home security suppliers, I had been looking at up until that point. There was just such a great range of ERA smart security systems to choose from, with cloud -based alarm systems, and different sized kits to choose from.

I wanted to get as much as possible, so opted for the full whack, with a battery backup to the cloud alarm system, sensors, an external siren, excellent HD quality cameras to install at vulnerable locations around the property and an easy to follow manual to help me install and control the home security system.

It has immediately made a massive difference to how safe I feel at home, especially at night or when I’m away from the property for a while. Knowing that the smart security system is top of the range and comes with the expertise and advice of specialists in the field really makes a difference I think and knowing that the thorough installation manual would help me install everything correctly also helped. Connecting all my smart applications to the system and controlling from afar is great and shows how brilliant modern technology really is.

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