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Response Electronics

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Suppliers of Expert ERA Home Security Products

The security of my family is of the utmost importance to me, and when we moved to a new house recently I wanted to find the latest home security products to make sure we had complete peace of mind, especially with young kids in the house. 

I decided to shop around and see what I could find from different suppliers of home security solutions, and I was looking in particular for the modern, smart alarm systems that I’ve read so much about recently. Were they really the right choice for me and my family?


When I came across Response Electronics I was struck by the quality on offer. You could see that they supplied home security products from ERA, which is a brand that I recognised and trust as a leading provider of home security products.


So, I spoke to the team at Response and they were really helpful, asking me information about how big my house was, the situation with the family and how many children we have, and our budget. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that we could easily buy top quality home security products made by ERA, with smart connectivity and easy installation. We then talked through the smart cloud options, the smart Wi-Fi connected video doorbell, as well as all-encompassing smart alarm systems, each from ERA.


It was everything I needed, and we put together the right package for our needs, with an overall alarm system and a video doorbell. What’s great about it is, I can connect and see what’s happening direct from my phone. This is perfect if I’m at work, away from the house, or even just before sleep when in bed at night. It really puts our mind at ease with young kids in the house.


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