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Upgrading Your Home Alarm System

I’m so happy to have found the perfect smart home alarm system from Response Electronics. 

With a growing family I thought it was time that we upgraded the old security system we had in place, which was a fully hard-wired alarm and quite outdated. Now that it’s more than just my wife and I, it was time to be a bit more sensible about how we look after our home. We wanted to add more devices to the system to make the system easier to use, give us more versatility and enable us to expand it when required.


Moving from the old style of alarm system to a smart one was a little bit daunting to be honest, but the choice of product and the information that Response Electronics offer on their website was brilliant. It really helped us sit down as a family and choose the right alarm for us. We wanted to be able to keep tabs on home wherever we were, so we wanted to have access to an app we could use on our phones easily.


It’s important with the kids at home that if we hear a noise in the middle of the night that we can quickly access the cameras and the alarms from the bedroom on our phones. Equally, if we are away on holiday or on a short-trip for a day or two, we know that we can quickly check to see that everything is ok back home, putting our minds at ease.


The whole package with Response was brilliant, with an easy to install smart home alarm system that linked up with the other smart tech we have installed already. It’s a convenient way to look after the family without having to put too much effort or thought into it after installation. The cost was great, and it has certainly made life much easier when planning for the future of our family home.

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