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What Kind of Alerts Will I Get from my Smart Alarm?

Smart home alarms are fantastic in helping me feel secure in my home. I just didn’t realise how easy it would be to get alerts about the security features and to take a quick peek at what is happening at home when I’m at work, or to check on the front door when I’m in bed at night. 

What I didn’t want is an alert for absolutely everything when first setting up my smart alarm system that I bought from Response Electronics. The set-up was really easy to do, and I could quickly see how everything was connected to each other, so I could control the overall system and see alerts that would come in from motion sensors that I’d places around the home and plug into live feeds from the security cameras outside.

I was concerned that I would get reminders all the time to check in on my home security when nothing was happening, but this system only alerts me if the sensors are triggered  (but I bought a pet motion sensor to make sure I’m not getting alerts every 5 minutes when my cat bounces in front of them!). With this system, I feel I’m set up with the perfect level of vigilance, not letting it consume my life, but knowing that if there is a potential issue, I can be alerted to it right away. 

Speaking with the guys at Response I knew that my choice of an ERA Protect smart alarm system was correct for me and that the alerts would be helpful and increase my awareness of good home security practices.

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