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What are the Benefits of Joining a Neighbourhood Watch?

I’ve always been one that’s kept up on the latest technology when it comes to home security products and the like. My wife thinks I might have a problem, always buying gadgets for the sake of buying gadgets is how she puts it. I disagree, it’s always with a view to making our home safer, for us and our children.

I recently bought some new ‘gadgets’ from Response Electronics to add to the alarm system we already have installed and to add a video doorbell to help us see who’s at the front door. Whilst I was there, I noticed that they place a big emphasis on Neighbourhood Watch and it made me realise it wasn’t something we had ever done before.

We’ve moved in the last 18 months to a completely new town, and after discussing it with the wife we decided to look into the benefits of our local neighbourhood watch and how it could help alongside the home security products we’ve bought from Response.

Our community seems a lot tighter than previous places we’ve lived because of the Neighbourhood Watch. We’ve got to know people we might have otherwise not have met, and it is really nice to know that everyone has got your back. If there is any suspicious behaviour, there is a way for us to all stay informed and to get the police involved where necessary. We certainly feel a lot safer already.

This sense of community has been fostered through a sense of belonging, but it has also allowed me to discuss different home security products with others in the neighbourhood, offering advice as to what we own and vice versa. It has helped immensely with a sense of safety, and I’m glad that my favourite supplier of home security products is fully on board with the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.


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