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What to Consider When Buying a Video Doorbell

I keep seeing adverts for ‘smart’ home security systems but wasn’t sure if it was just a fad. I recently moved home though and was looking at the cost of different types of systems – both alarm and at door security. 

In the past I’ve only ever had old-fashioned doorbells that alerts you when someone is at the door, but with the new property being a long-term home for me and my family it was time to think a little smarter about home security – both alarm security and our wider security measures. 

After looking at a few different brands and models we chose the ERA Smart Video Doorbell through Response Electronics as it’s a product that integrates with the rest of the ERA smart home range - from alarm systems to internal cameras. The team were fantastic, providing us with all the information we needed on how to install (it was very easy) and how to use the system. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a video doorbell that is connected to the rest of our smart home security system, and is easily accessed through an app.

 Having the ability to see who is at our front door from wherever we are has been amazing. It really puts your mind at ease that if my kids are downstairs, I can quickly check to see if it’s someone we know and trust for them to answer the door to. When we’ve been away from home I can quickly log in to the app on my phone and see when a delivery is being made.

With live video feed of a high quality, and the option for snapshots based on motion detectors (even infrared night vision for use after dark), I know that whoever is at my front door, I’ve got a record of them. It’s really helped keep me feel much calmer about my family’s safety at home, and the security of my property when we’re not at home.