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Why Choose a Smart Security Solution from ERA

The reviews and the listing of potential home security products was seemingly never ending. I’ve been through this before, the last time I wanted to upgrade the whole system I had installed in my house, and this time I definitely wanted everything to be a lot simpler, easier to find what I wanted and easier to install the products.

What had made me take another punt at upgrading was the fact that the new range of smart technology that has come around in the last few years really interests me. Feeling that we can really connect all different elements of our home and control and manage it all on our phones or through other easy applications, was something I really wanted to be a part of.

When I took a look at the options of smart security products available at Response Electronics, I was really pleased to see there were quite a few options. Seeing the stamp of quality that I know ERA products demonstrate when it comes to home security solutions meant I was sure to purchase an ERA smart product. 

The ERA Homeguard kits are so great, with smart security solutions making it easier than I’ve ever been able to protect my home and connect different appliances that bolster my home security. The alarm was easy to install and to control, and I can keep an eye on the front door security with one of the cameras, allow for my pets to leave and return to the home without setting off any sensors, and really give me complete peace of mind that I am safe, utilising the latest and greatest smart technology.

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