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Why You Should Purchase a Pet Friendly Alarm Sensor for your Home

I’ve always been one to have the latest tech when it comes to home security. Light sensors, alarms, and lately the video doorbells and smart technology that makes it so much easier to look after the home whether I’m upstairs in bed at night or away on holiday. One thing I’d never expected to have to think about though, was how to make sure my pets didn’t trip any sensors.

It’s only been in the last years that we’ve got ourselves a little dog for the family. My daughter really wanted one and he has been a great companion so far. At first though, we were really worried about the sensors that we had in place linked to the home alarm system.

A friend of mine who has a few pets, warned me that their light sensors and infrared motions sensors just kept picking up the cats and dogs in the night, setting off the alarms. It was a nightmare he said, so I wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen to us.

Straight away I went back to my old tried and trusted, Response Electonics, and bought the Y-cam Protect Pet Friendly Motion Sensor. This has been a revelation, protecting the hallways in the house, around the entrance area and different room by picking up any movement, but without picking up our dog!

It’s been amazing, detecting any movement that would come from a human, but allowing our dog to have free reign to wander round and to get to know the property, like all pets need to when they first come into a new home.


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