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Am I better Choosing a Wired or Wireless Home Alarm

Growing up we never had any burglar alarm, but I always remember thinking that our neighbours alarm looked really big and scary (not sure why they wanted us next door to see how big their alarm was and how safe the house was!). 

As I grew older, and bought my first apartment, and then upgraded to a house with my new family, I knew I wanted to install a home security system, but that image always stuck in my mind.

That is why the new breed of home alarm systems was so appealing to me. The old-fashioned, wired home alarms are fantastic at what they do, but to me, they appear bulky. I’d also been told that they could be difficult to install, requiring professional assistance in most cases, and that they would be difficult to move once installed. All of this, and the problem of that bulky, eyesore of an alarm in full view of everyone. I get it, it works, and it’s a deterrent, but it didn’t feel right for our home.

Looking at the choices Response Electronics had for home alarm systems put my mind at ease. We chose one of the smaller, wireless home alarm systems. There was very little difficulty in installation, without the need of a professional to come do it. I could also connect it to other smart devices in the house, and other home security products we already have. It’s small, inconspicuous, but does the job as well as a wired home alarm. I would definitely recommend a wireless home alarm system from Response to anyone looking to upgrade.

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