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Choosing a Front Door Intercom System that Works for Me

I’m always looking for new ways to improve the security in my home, and with the front door, it is easier than ever before to add a layer of home security that wasn’t even possible about a decade ago. 

Response Electronics have a wide range of video intercom systems and smart video doorbells that have completely changed the game in terms of any burglar alarm.

Recently, I knew that I wanted to add some extra levels of security to my home. I’ve got a pretty decent home alarm system and had upgraded the locks on all the windows and doors within the last 18-months. The next phase was to improve the way in which I connect with my front door.

The problem has always been that the living room area is the room that is furthest away from the front door, and especially at night it can be tiresome to have to trot to the front door to check on who is there. This new front door video intercom system I’ve bought was easy to install and provides very easy security to monitor the front door area of the home, something I couldn’t do with a traditional burglar alarm.

It’s important to have a front door intercom system that fits perfectly with your budget, your home, and the type of life that you need. I chose a small, wireless front door video intercom system that allowed me to access live video and audio feed from my front door to handset. Working to support my existing burglar alarm and bolster my overall home security. The options open to me through the guys at Response Electronics were excellent, and it has seriously improved my home security and let me breathe easier.

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