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Choosing a Home Alarm System – Go Smart . . . with an ERA HomeGuard Pro

Fancy investing in the next generation of home alarm systems? You can now go smart and into the cloud with the latest in alarm security to expand your connected home. The new ERA HomeGuard Pro is an efficient and effective home security system that offers as high a standard of security as anything on the marketplace today.

The installation of the HomeGuard Pro is simple and effective, without a control panel to worry about as it all runs through a streamlined hub. Information can be accessed via the cloud, with a smartphone app ensuring simple installation and monitoring of the system. This approach provides you the chance to monitor multiple hubs from a single account, so if you have multiple locations to secure, you can view them all in just a few seconds direct from your phone.


Speed is of the essence with modern security requirements and with the smartphone app and cloud storage of security data there is a fast speed of communication between your HomeGuard Pro and you in the event of a breach of security at home.


The HomeGuard Pro can also connect with other home devices, ensuring that if you own products that look after the lighting/ heating in your home, a WiFi camera so you can see what is happening, or video doorbell systems. It can all be interlinked for a truly smart home security system in a cost-effective manner.


For more information about the ERA HomeGuard Pro, please feel free to have a chat with the support team,  or head over the ERA HomeGuard Pro page to make your purchase and get smart secured today.