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DIY Window Security Upgrades

Over the years I’ve made many different types of changes to the windows in the various houses and flats that I’ve lived in. 

It’s always something that I like to take pride in and often it will be part of a wider project to change the whole way that the property looks both inside and out. There are great ways I’ve changed the appearance of my house through purchasing brand new windows, but this time I was looking at just upgrading the security levels around the house.

Last year when we first moved into the house, I upgraded all the home security systems, installed a new door camera and other lighting systems around the perimeter, but this year I wanted to focus on the windows and doors.

I didn’t need to replace them entirely as they were structurally sound enough in terms of the frames, but I did want to improve the security in a DIY way that was easy for me to install. The Fab&Fix range of window handles at Response Electronics are fantastic and with some guidance I found that I could install them to my existing windows with relative ease.

Not only that, but the many different colours I could choose from meant that I wasn’t just improving the security of my home, I was also able to transform how my windows looked, without it costing too much or changing too much. Little tweaks in a DIY fashion were fantastic and easy to achieve.

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