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Festive Security - 7% Increase in theft at this time of year

Christmas is coming, and we’ve all seen the news about how there is an increase in theft and burglaries (I’d seen something about theft jumping up by 7% in the run up to Christmas and the entire festive period). 

This increase is significant, I guess because more people have bought presents in preparation for Christmas, have plenty of food and drink in the house, electronics, and other items that are worth a pretty penny in some cases.

Now, I’m not in the habit of spending big money at Christmas, but we do have two young kids at home, and we’ve started buying presents for Christmas. Our home security has always been pretty tight, but with the news that theft jumps up so much at this time of year, and with us buying more than we have before due to the age of the kids, we thought it was time to increase our home security.

We’ve bought a new front door camera and intercom system from Response Electronics, allowing us to see exactly who is at our front door at any time of the day or night. This is specifically helpful for my wife, who can be a bit nervous at times when we hear noises coming from outside at night when we are in bed. I can now access the live video feed on my phone and check that everything is alright without having to even leave the bed.

I would highly recommend Response Electronics for your home security needs this Christmas, putting your mind at ease that your assets, home, and any gifts you have bought for family and friends, remain safe from potential theft.

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