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Guide to Choosing Home Security Systems

When it came time to upgrade our home security systems, we wanted to change the home alarm completely. We’ve been in our home for over 10 years and haven’t changed it since that first week we moved in. At that time the alarm system was top of the range, but looking at it now it is pretty cumbersome, large, looks an eyesore where it is located in the house, and doesn’t really fit our changing needs.

Our circumstances have changed in that time, and we are now more mindful of what we have to protect in terms of belongings and assets, and we want more flexibility in how we actually view our home security and how we can look at our safety at home.

It was important to us that we had a lightweight home alarm system that we could easily install ourselves without the need of hiring someone to perform the physical installation. Compared to our last bulky alarm system this would have to be a priority for us, especially as we wanted to be able to move it, or take it with us, if we decide to move in the future.

We also wanted easy access to video footage and to analyse our home security regularly, without it being too confusing or difficult. What we have found is that we could buy home security systems that are lightweight, easy to install, not too expensive, and easily managed through an app on our smartphones.

The team at Response Electronics were amazing, offering expert advice and guidance relating to their range of home alarms and home security systems. It was a real help to know that we were buying products of guaranteed quality, products that suited our price range, but that also suited our current and future needs with our change in circumstances and different mindset.


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