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Home Security Products When Working from Home

Working from home is something that a lot of us are coming to terms with during the current coronavirus crisis. There are many things that you suddenly realise are difficult challenges for remote workers and those who work from home all the time.

It isn’t that easy to manage your own time and to ensure you are always present and focused on your work (especially if you suddenly have to share a dining table with your wife who is also working from home).

One area of working from home that you never really think about is how it impacts your home security. Recently, I invested in the ERA DoorCam with additional Wi-Fi Chimes. The reason I did so? Because I’m forever missing deliveries and knocks on the door from contractors coming to do work on the house.

My phone signal is terrible in the house, but the Wi-Fi here is really good and consistently strong. With that in mind the new DoorCam is fantastic, as it means that I can keep an eye on the front door at all times. When there is someone at the door, I can hear the alert wherever I am, because I’ve spread the Chimes out to all four corners of the house.

Not only that, but whoever is at the doors I can speak to them and see them on the app on my phone. If there is a delivery, I can see that it’s a genuine delivery attempt. If someone needs to get into the house, I can let them in when I’ve seen some credentials. If it is someone trying to break-in, I can alert the police and have video evidence right away.

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