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How Secure Is Your Front Door

As a person who is always conscious about how secure my home is, I’m always looking out for the best new gadgets and tech that will help me improve the overall security and peace of mind I feel at home. One area where there has been a massive improvement in recent years is with front door security.

I’ve always been wary about who is at the front door, especially as the entryway to our house is a little secluded. I want to make sure that my wife and kids are as safe as possible when coming or leaving home. We also have my mother-in-law stay occasionally, especially when we are waiting for a delivery in the day. 


I’ve added motion sensor lights to that part of the building, as well as having cameras installed around the building. It has made the entrance area of our home more secure but being able to improve the front door security specifically has made a big difference.


I wanted to install a video doorbell. With a video doorbell that has smart technology I can see what’s going on at my front door from anywhere in the house, or even if I’m not at home. If we are upstairs at night sleeping and the video doorbell goes, I can quickly look at the app on my phone and see who’s there on the live video doorbell feed, as well as speak to the person at the door. During the day I can check that a delivery has been made if a slip has been left. Through smart technology everything in the house can also be connected, making it easy to manage all aspects of the household.

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