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How to Choose a Front Door Intercom

I run a successful business and at our head office we store quite a lot of expensive stock that is then moved to the couple of stores that we have located elsewhere. 

As we have expanded, the security of our work premises has become more important and we wanted to add some security systems to our building to help us protect our assets.

We had a pretty robust security system and alarm in place, and because we had bought it from Response Electronics a couple of years ago, they were the first place I wanted to look for our latest needs. We wanted to improve the front and back door security (as we have an entry at both that is open to suppliers and our staff). Therefore, we thought a front door intercom would be best suited.

It was pretty important to us that we covered a few issues when choosing a new front door intercom (and for our back door but we know we’ll never find a ‘back door intercom’ product!

We needed a crisp and clear HD-quality video feed that we could view live, easily, from our smartphones. We also wanted the ability for a two-way audio channel that allowed us to speak to whoever was knocking at the door. And we needed the ability to look back at and analyse video feeds from the previous day/night if necessary.

Response were fantastic once again, providing us with a range of front door intercoms and smart video doorbells that are perfect for our business needs. The next time we are updating our business security I’ll be sure to head over to them.

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