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How To Improve Your Alarm & Door Security

I own a small lockup garage and keep some personal belongings there for safekeeping, certain items that are overflow from the house, tools, storage boxes etc.

For years I’d used a smaller, less secure storage unit, as well as one of those self-storage places, but when I found this place it was a no-brainer to move my things in and it has served me well since I made the decision.

One thing that I had to make sure about though, was that it had the best alarm & door security that I could afford, especially seen as there were valuable items in there. I went to Response to have a look at the type of domestic security products that they had available and I was pleasantly surprised at what I could put together.

I changed the main lock on the front door to the garage, and added an extra, robust padlock too. It has a roller shutter garage door and a traditional door for entry to the side of the roller, so I wanted to make sure both were as secure as possible.

On top of that, I bought myself one of their wireless smart home alarm systems and fitted it myself at the lockup. It’s connected to sensors at the front of the structure and a small video camera allows me to quickly check and see what’s going on, even if the alarm hasn’t alerted me to an attempted break-in. It has given me great peace of mind to know that my valuables are safe, even if they are in a different location to my home, and that my alarm & door security is reliable.

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