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Improving my peace of mind with a Smart Video Doorbell

I’ve always been a pretty nervous person on the whole, and that’s why I’ve always wanted to live in flats and not houses, as I am conscious of home security. Nothing on the ground floor, only one door in and out of the property. 

This wasn’t always going to be possible though, especially after marrying my husband and wanting to start a family. We discussed a few things when choosing a new home, and the front door and home security was high on the agenda.

The new technology in doorbells is really interesting, and I’m so glad that we took the time to investigate the different doorbells that Response Electronics has to offer. We looked at a few variations, and quickly I knew that I could have that greater peace of mind I was looking for with a smart video doorbell.

We’ve installed a few different home security products, but the front door security was one area I really wanted to improve, especially for those times when either of us are at home alone with the children (we now have two young babies). The smart video doorbell we have allows us to see who is at the front door at all times, as well as speak to a person who has buzzed the doorbell. Not only that, we can control it from our phones, which makes it so easy to manage no matter where we are in the home at that time. With my anxiety over home security this has been a great help, especially if we are already in bed at night and someone is at the front door. We can quickly look on the phone and manage the situation with ease and peace of mind.

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