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Is Your Wireless Alarm System Fit For Purpose?

We’ve had a wireless alarm system for quite some time now and after speaking with some friends who had one and with the Response Electronics team, we realised that there was even greater potential than we had initially thought.

I’d seen a few posts online asking whether ‘your wireless alarm system was fit for purpose’ and it got me thinking about the direct comparison between the smart wireless home alarm system we currently have and the old wired alarm system we had in the last house. The difference is staggering and made me realise that currently, the wireless alarm system isn’t just fit for purpose, it is flexible, highly effective and intuitive and gives us the best protection we could ask for.

The problem I can see straight away is that the old, traditional style wired home alarm system we used to have was cumbersome, tired and pretty static in what it achieved. It helped protect our home for sure, but we were stuck with how it functioned. Because of how it was wired we could never move it easily to another part of the property if we wished or take it with us realistically. It would function as it did the day we bought it, right up until the day we decided to stop.

Now, if there is something we would like to change about our wireless home alarm system, we can much more easily do something about it. We can upgrade the software easily, add extensions to it, and even move it pretty easily without any professional assistance. This makes it a great way to protect our home.

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