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What Smart Security Products can I get for my Home?

I’ve gone all out with my latest home security upgrades. I’d wanted to do so for a while, rather than just looking at individual components and upgrading over a few years at a time. With the brand-new ERA Protect range that has recently come out and is available through Response, I took a look and immediately thought, “yes, that’s for me that!”.

I’ve always wanted a central hub that was really easy for me to install myself and to manage every day, and I got that with the ERA Protect Hub, which I could control from my mobile phone and see all the data that I needed to help secure my home. On top of that I added pet friendly motion sensors to ensure my dogs don’t get in the way and set off the alarm at night, or when I’m out of the house. I also included some outdoor security cameras that are linked to the system.

Home security is so important and with this full upgrade at my home I feel like I’m in greater control than ever before, it’s easy and keeps me safe. What more can you ask for?

I’d always say to use the Response Electronics website when looking for home security products. They’ve always had the best home security solutions for me, and this new ERA Protect smart home security range is amazing. There are alarms and sensors, sirens and cameras, and a central hub that is really easy to install and to manage on a daily basis.

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