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Smart Home Security Overview

A couple of years ago I took the plunge and bought a few home security products that were labelled as ‘smart technology’. 

I’ve always wanted to be ahead of the curve with tech products and this had the bonus of genuinely helping me protect my home from burglary, so I was on to a real winner in both senses.

I knew that I would have to regularly commit to reviewing these products, looking at ways in which I could significantly improve my home security solutions, as well as keeping an eye on which products might be obsolete or been replaced with significantly superior products in the meantime.

With my latest review I put together an accurate smart home security overview that included the different products that I have installed at my home. I’ve found that there is a whole new wave of video doorbells with smart technology (and that are wireless) that I am going to purchase to connect with the rest of my smart home security products. This will help me to see and hear who is at my front door, even if I’m not in the house – through an easy to use smartphone app.

Alongside that, there were a few different things that I noticed in terms of the smart wireless home alarm system that I have installed at my property. There is no need just yet to fully replace that; instead it has been easy enough to ensure that the software is updated and that the system upgrades that way. I’ll make sure that the new smart video doorbell feeds information into the overall system.

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