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Upgrading your Front Door Intercom

Over the years the front door has often been overlooked when it comes to home security solutions. 

I have always found this really strange, as it is the front door, the place where everything comes in and out of the building, and therefore the point at which I would imagine most burglars try first when attempting to break-in. Very rarely were front door intercoms used.

This is why I always make sure that my front door intercom is up to the latest technology, as soon as I move into somewhere brand new. That way, I can have complete peace of mind from day one. If anyone tries to break the door down, or fool someone into opening the door to them and allowing them entry, they’ll be rejected quite easily.

I’ve done this on several levels. The first is that I’ve made sure that the front door itself is up to standard, heavy, difficult to break through, and with heavy-duty locks installed that prevent any forced entry. On top of that, I’ve also upgraded my front door intercom system, specifically with a smart video doorbell that I can control from my mobile phone.

Response Electronics is a great place to start your journey in upgrading your front door intercom. There is a wide range of options to choose from, with the latest tech allowing you to utilise the latest trends and devices to feel completely safe at home. It also ensures that you have control of your home security solutions through simple processes, with smart tech controlled through your phone in some cases.

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