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What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

A doorbell is just a doorbell isn’t it? You press the button and it rings, letting the people inside know that there’s someone knocking. That’s what I always thought anyway, but my eyes have been opened to a completely new approach to my home security with a smart video doorbell. 



I’ve been in contact with the guys over at Response Electronics and purchased a smart video doorbell that has changed the way I look at my home security. The smart doorbell was extremely simple to install and connect up with my Wi-Fi network. I’ve got an app on my phone and I can see live video of just outside my front door.


So far, I’ve been able to check that a parcel has been delivered just as the notification has said it has, as well as check on who is knocking after dark or when I’ve been at work. It makes such a big difference to my peace of mind, knowing that if I hear a sound at my front door in the middle of the night, I can check my phone quickly and see clear images of any person that could be outside my door, right there in my hand, with using my smart doorbell.


I’d highly recommend a smart doorbell to any one looking to upgrade their home security network. It’s made a simple, yet massive difference to how I look after my home. It’s such an easy process to check the front door and to see that everything is above board. When my elderly parents are visiting, or our teenage kids are in the house alone I can see what’s happening immediately.

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