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Why Choose ERA Protect for your Smart Security Solution

Response Electronics is proud to be a supplier of the new ERA Protect smart alarm system – changing the way you think about smart security solutions in the home. 

It has been designed with a range of benefits to suit the modern home, it is simple to install, to manage and control, with a fully integrated system that you can use with your smartphone.

Simplicity is definitely the key as to why you should choose ERA Protect as your smart security solution. All the different smart security products that come within the ERA Protect range work together with ease, through one fully integrated (and free) app. This means you can control all different aspects of your smart security in one place.

The ERA Protect range includes:

The dual path tech ensures that even if your broadband at home is down for any reason or length of time, the alarm system and cameras will remain active and operational to the same standards due to an embedded 4G roaming built-in SIM. It is an affordable way to provide the best level of smart security for your home.

ERA Protect will change the way that you think about smart security solutions for your home. You should expect more from your security now that technology has significantly improved the potential of home security products. Come on over to Response Electronics and take a look at how ERA Protect will shape the secure future of your home.


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