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Why You Should Go Wireless with Your Home Alarm System

Our home alarm system needed upgrading and we had been looking around at a few different options for a while. The team at Response were so helpful and in the end it came down to a choice between a home alarm system that was wireless, or a more traditional wired alarm system. 

We concluded there were a few different factors that just made us feel that the wireless version seems much better for our needs.

Easy Installation

We really didn’t want to be troubled with a tough installation process. Our new wireless home alarm system was very easy to install, with clear instructions that came with the product, as well as with guidance from the Response team. It’s great, because it means that we are able to move it to a different spot in the future if we want to, without worrying about a big job to do so. The main system is also light and smaller than a wired alarm, which looked cumbersome.

Smart Consistency

The rest of our home runs on a smart network now, with our heating and lighting controlled on our smartphones via an app. So really, we wanted to add an alarm that could fit into that lifestyle, we were advised to choose the ERA HomeGuard Pro which works perfectly for us. It’s great to be able to click on the phone and manage the alarm, and to know that even if the power or phone lines went down, the system would not be affected in the same way as a wired alarm system.

Easy Expansion

Being easy to install, light and simple, it means that in the future if we want to expand our alarm network and add different home security products to the network we can do really easily. We’ve got a child on the way soon, so it might be an idea to add some cameras to the room that will become the nursery. A wireless network makes this a much simpler process.

If you would like to find out more about the range of wireless home alarm systems from Response call today on 0345 257 2500 or email info@responseelectronics.com.