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Cover Plans

Upgrade your security to meet your needs

All ERA Protect products are free to install and use, they always have been, and always will be.  The ERA Protect app can be downloaded at no charge and is the key to controlling the smart alarm system you have added to your home.  If security cameras are a part of your smart home security system, the app will also give you live streaming footage of your cameras 24/7, at no extra cost.

If you want to further increase the level of protection on your home, you may benefit from one of our cover plans that offer enhanced security measures, from camera recording storage and 4G sim back up through to full professional monitoring, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your home is being looked after when you aren’t there.

ERA Protect Camera

£2.50 per month

£25.00 per annum 

Including VAT

This plan is designed to give you greater access to your camera. With the ERA Protect Camera plan, your camera will record and upload video footage upon motion detection.  These video clips will be stored on a rolling 30-day basis. Upon viewing the footage, you will be able to download and save clips for future use.  

Available to purchase via the Protect App after camera installation.

ERA Protect Plus

£8.00 per month

£80.00 per annum 

Including VAT

This plan will boost your home security protection and is ideal if you have multiple cameras.  The ERA Protect Plus plan provides your alarm with 4G sim back up.  This will ensure you have continual access to your device should you have weak or unreliable wifi signal in your home. With this plan, you can include unlimited cameras to your account and you will have access to 30-day rolling storage of any camera footage recorded upon motion detection.  You can also download and save video clips for future use.  

All alarms and cameras are supplied with an ERA Plus subscription for the first 3 months free.

Buy ERA Protect Plus

ERA Protect Plus Premium

£15.00 per month

£150.00 per annum 

Including VAT

The ERA Protect Plus Premium plan has been created to offer the ultimate in home security protection.  As well as all the other great benefits of the other plans, ERA Protect Plus Premium this plan will provide you with professional monitoring services, active 24/7, 365 days a year. Upon an alarm trigger, our external trusted monitoring company will check the status of your property and take action to secure your home, including alerting you and contacting the appropriate authorities if it is deemed an intruder is on your property and you are unavailable at the time.

With this plan, you can also turn your alarm hub into a wifi hotspot, and connect it with up to four cameras.  In the event of the internet being unavailable, and an alarm trigger, your cameras will record for up to 15 minutes or until the alarm is disarmed.

Due to the benefits, you will only be able to access this plan if you have both an alarm hub and at least one camera.

Buy ERA Protect Plus Premium 

Choose the cover plan that's right for you

Cover Plan Comparison

Purchasing a cover plan

All smart alarm systems are sold with a 3 month free-trial of the ERA Protect Plus cover plan.  This will  activate upon App account creation and will automatically end after 3 months, at which point you can choose whether to purchase continued cover.  If you do decide to continue cover for your alarm system, the ERA Protect cover plans can be purchased at any point via the ERA Protect app, online or through speaking to our Customer Service team on 0345 257 2500.  All plans are set up on a monthly rolling direct debit payment.


If you select a plan online at the same time you purchase your smart alarm products, we will send you a cover plan card containing a unique code.  Upon your 3 month free trial ending, the app will prompt you to enter your purchased cover plan details.  

* ERA Protect Plus or Protect Plus Premium subscription required

** Cameras available separately

*** Includes up to 4 cameras that will stay connected in the event of loss of service by your internet provider. Subject to mobile network connectivity. Alarm trigger only.

Please note: All alarms and cameras are supplied with an ERA Plus subscription for the first 3 months free. This includes 30-day rolling storage for the camera and alarm, plus 4G SIM back-up on any purchased alarm. The free 3-month Plus subscription period will activate on App account creation and will automatically end after 3-months and a paid subscription will be required. A paid subscription can be purchased either via the app itself, online or via our customer service team. Any subsequent subscriptions cannot be added to your account until the initial 3-month period has expired but can be purchased online or via customer service at the point of purchase. Once the initial 3-month period has ended, the app will then prompt you to enter the subscription details.   

Single camera packages are available to purchase per camera (up to 4); or upgrade to a Plus package for more benefits. A camera will record on alarm trigger for first 3 months only if no further subscription package has been signed up for and only for Plus packages after that point. Plus Premium can only be activated if the account has at least 1 alarm hub and 1 camera installed. You can only unlock the Plus Premium option once a camera is added to your existing alarm account. 

System requirements: A compatible iPhone or Android device (minimum OS for Android and iOS – Android 7 & iOS11, ERA Protect app from iTunes or Google Play and an Internet Connection). For internet connectivity a spare Ethernet port (RJ45 connector) on your router is required. The ERA Protect Plus service required for use of pre-installed SIM card for SIM back up or SIM only mode. 


Useful things to know

What is Professional Monitoring?

An external trusted monitoring company is used to check the status of your property in the event of an alarm trigger. Gives you peace of mind, that your property is being looked after whether your home or away.

In the event of an alarm trigger, the monitoring service will check where the instance occurred, check any installed cameras to identify the source of the trigger and determine the course of action. Thereby reducing any false triggers, by checking your property first. If a trigger is determined to be an intruder, then the monitoring service will take steps to ensure you and your nominated contacts are alerted immediately and contact the appropriate authorities if you are not available at the time of the incident.


How do I add professional monitoring to my ERA Protect alarm system? 

For us to provide professional monitoring you would need to have purchased the ERA Protect alarm system and at least 1 external camera. You can purchase these items first and then add the monitoring on later or purchase the subscription at the same time as the products. 

Please purchase the ERA Protect Plus Premium subscription if you require professional monitoring. This can be purchased either online or from within the ERA Protect app, as annual, 1 month or monthly recurring subscription. Payment is made via either the website for an annual or 1-month subscription; or via the app for an annual or monthly recurring subscription.


Can I add professional monitoring to other alarm systems?

No, the professional monitoring service is only available for the ERA Protect System.


How do I cancel / opt out of the professional monitoring service?

You can cancel a monthly recurring subscription at any time from within the app, the connection to professional monitoring will then cease at the end of your current monthly subscription period. If you have an annual or 1 month only subscription, your subscription will cease at the end of this time period (unless renewed) and as such your connection to professional monitoring will then cease.


Which company provides the professional monitoring services? 

ERA work closely with a trusted security partner in a central monitoring station to undertake the professional monitoring services. This company is fully set up to provide the monitoring service 24/7. 


Can I talk to this company directly?

If you have any questions or queries regarding subscriptions, professional monitoring or the app, please give us a call and we would be happy to help (0345 257 2500 Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm). 


Can the professional monitoring company view my cameras? 

Yes, in order to provide a full monitoring service, the company does require access to your cameras. This is to check your property in the event of a trigger. They will only ever do this in the event of a trigger. 

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