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Burglar Alarms

The use of a burglar alarm in any home generally gives you two lines of defence against a would-be intruder. Providing an effective deterrent against anyone attempting to access your property and providing key visual, audio and written cues in the event of a trigger, to alert people that your home may have been accessed.

Here at Response, we have a number of self-install burglar alarms suitable for most homes and a UK technical helpline that can offer help and advice should you choose one of our alarms. 


Explore Smart Alarm Systems    Explore Traditional Alarm Systems

Effective Deterrent

Firstly, the use of an alarm effectively can be a great deterrent against an intruder. Opportunity can play a big role in those who wish to commit crime, they look for the weak points and sometime unfortunately target those most vulnerable.

Using an alarm, especially the use of a siren, can give those opportunists a clear indicator that your home is protected. According to a survey by Which, around 71% of ex-burglars they surveyed said having an alarm would put them off targeting a house.

Criminals will often look out for homes that have no sign of any form of protection, but a flashing/ working siren will provide that all important deterrent.


Trigger Alerts and Notifications

Secondly, in the event of a trigger from an intruder, an active alarm will send a mix of visual and audio cues to those local to the property. This will not only alert those around the property but also the intruder which may cause them to panic and leave the property.

Depending on the type of alarm you have installed, it may also alert your user network or via text message or push notification, so you can check on the property in question. If you have cameras fitted, you can then check the live feed on the camera for any disturbances. 


Choose the burglar alarm to suite your home

Wireless alarms are now so easy to install and with a choice of different options to suite you, having a good burglar alarm system is simple. If you need help to choose – take a look at our comparisons page to see how to choose; or call one of our experts for advice.

Choose from a smart home alarm system that uses the cloud and your home WiFi network to store information and communicate with the central alarm hub. Generally, through an app, such system can be set up easily and controlled.

Or opt for a much simpler alarm system that can be set up locally through the alarm control panel, or a keypad only system that operates with a simple user code and fob; or even as a starting point a siren only system that can be used for a visual deterrent with basic functionality.

Tailoring your home alarm system

The beauty of a wireless alarm system and accessories means that the system really can be tailored for your individual property. You can add accessories to the system at any time and can choose from additional sensors for more rooms, additional controls for a growing family (or extended family), extra safeguarding such as water detectors for appliances for peace of mind.

Depending on the alarm system you choose, our information pages will guide you to compatible accessories for the individual systems. But if you get stuck - just ask?

Further home protection

You can expand your security outside of the home alarm system, by adding security cameras outside or inside the home to keep an eye on things when you’re not there.

They also provide a further visual deterrent outside the property or on outbuildings to any potential intruders. With the latest technology, wireless cameras can be installed easily and with footage viewed from your smartphone, remote monitoring is simple. If you don't want an integrated alarm, smart cameras can also be used stand-alone to bolster existing protection. See our range of cameras . . . 

Neighbourhood Watch

NHW LogoAccording to Neighbourhood Watch, a review by the College of Policing for a number of research projects has shown that Neighbourhood Watch programmes that incorporate property marking and home security surveys (known as Neighbourhood Watch Plus), are effective at reducing crime by between 16 and 26 per cent.

Active Neighbourhood Watch schemes work in the local area to increase surveillance, alter offenders’ perception of risk, if an area is clearly marked as a Neighbourhood Watch area, alter the behaviour of residents, by encouraging them to consciously consider their own home security measures, and encourage other forms of social interaction and neighbourhood cohesion among communities. Why not join?


Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch and a scheme near you.