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AddMore Accessories

What is AddMore?

For optimum choice we have a wide range of wireless accessories, that can be used to expand any ERA Home or any EasyHome alarm system.

Our ERA wireless alarms are modular and allow you to add up to 50 accessories and 10 remote controls at any time. They are easily paired, even after installation, for a variety of accessories that can offer enhanced lifestyle benefits to monitor and protect your home. 

Featured AddMore Products

Personal alert SOS button

One press of the red button will ‘trigger’ your Control Panel to send an instant SMS and/or telephone alert to your stored numbers, to notify you of an emergency situation. Convenient for elderly or vulnerable relatives.

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Ceiling mounted PIR sensor

360 degree detection range means this additional PIR is ideal for use in larger open space environments. Incorporating automatic temperature compensation and anti-draft technology, minimising the risk of false alarms.

Shop Ceiling PIR

Wireless water detector

Ideal for use in properties where there is a risk of flood and for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements and utility rooms. It effectively detects liquid using the two probes, sending a signal to the Control Panel and alerting users. 

Shop Water Detector

Wireless keypad with RFID

Can be installed near the main entrance door or perhaps next to a secondary door, so users can arm and disarm the system easily. Either by inputting the user set passcode on the keypad or for speed, disarming the system using the handy RFID tag. 

Shop RFID Keypad

RFID personalised disarm tag

Proximity tag for disarming the G5, Invincible and A11 alarm systems; or the KP700 keypad with a simple swipe across the panel. Ideal for when children come home from school, so they don't have to remember the passcode to turn off the alarm.

Shop RFID Tag

Internal WiFi HD camera

With enhanced motion detection and privacy settings, the WiFi camera is ideal to see what's happening at home when you're not there. Using the free app you can manage multiple cameras to view several rooms and push notifications can be set for enhanced monitoring.

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