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Security Cameras

ERA's range of indoor and outdoor cameras give you the change to see and hear what’s happening inside or outside your home or business from anywhere with your smartphone. Thereby ensuring your property and loved ones are protected day or night.

With clever motion detection, a camera can instantly alert you to a trigger. You can then watch live video or review recordings safely stored in your cloud account. 

Why buy a Security Camera?

Wireless security camera systems now have many advantages over traditional CCTV, they are easy to set up and install and operate wirelessly via your home network. Cameras are available for outdoors or indoors, so you have the peace of mind you can view all recorded and live footage via your smartphone from anywhere, anytime. 

The benefits of having an outdoor security camera for your home means you can position anywhere around the perimeter of your home or outbuildings. To monitor entranceways, doorways or particular outbuildings - you can choose what you want to see. Whether it’s a part of your garden that particularly difficulty to see or perhaps the side of the house that you can't see from the window/ door, you can choose a camera position to cover that view. 

Outdoor security cameras are also fully weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about the weather or providing shelter for the camera. With night vision and a sun shield, these security cameras are also great to view and record footage day or night. They can either be operated as part of your wider home security alarm system or as stand-alone security devices. 

Indoor security cameras are now small enough to be positioned anywhere discreetly around the home. Giving you a great view of your home, loved ones or pets either when you're at home or away. With motion detection zones available to set up, footage is only recorded when needed so isn't wasted and with storage on the cloud you can access anytime. 

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1080p Vs. 720p - What's the difference?

Sometimes, you will see cameras that offer either 720p or 1080p resolution and recording and you may be wondering what’s the difference?

Both are HD quality but 1080 has a larger resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) than a 720p camera (1280 x 720 pixels) due to more pixels being present in each frame of video. This means the quality of footage recorded/ viewed on a 1080p camera will have greater detail. However, when purchasing a camera, you need to think about how you will use/ view the footage and on what device. Generally, when viewing footage on your mobile phone via the app, the 720p quality is perfectly clear and viewable and the use of 1080p is only beneficial when enlarging the image to larger TV screens.

Within the NEW ERA Protect camera range, both Outdoor and Outdoor Floodlight cameras are 1080p. Video clips are stored safely in the ERA cloud and when you are uploading, viewing and downloading your clips to and from the cloud platform, they are fully protected utilising 128-bit SSL security encryption. In addition, by upgrading to ERA Protect Plus plan, you can also save your clips for 30 days.


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