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Your Home Security

It’s worth taking some time to consider what security measures you have in place at home and how with a little bit of DIY, your doors/ windows and home security can be upgraded to give you greater peace of mind. Alternatively, if you’re not that comfortable with DIY, ERA have approved installers across the UK who can help.

Security Expertise

With over 180 years of experience in home security, ERA’s products protect thousands of homes across the UK.  From locks, handles and hinges through to alarms, intercoms and doorbells; ERA’s products can secure each part of your home and all are available on Response @ ERA.


Visual Home Protection

One great way to give you immediate peace of mind is the installation of an alarm. Having an alarm at home, especially one with an external siren, provides an effective visual deterrent against any opportunist intruder as they will often look for such indicators before attempting anything. In the event of a trigger, depending on the alarm, it will send audio/ written cues to alert you, or your selected network of contacts that your home may have been accessed.

Wireless alarms come in different shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. From a more sophisticated smart alarm system that uses a centralised hub connected to the cloud, controlled through a smartphone app; to a much simpler alarm system that can be set up locally through the control panel or a keypad. Or for simpler requirements, a ‘siren only’ system can be used as a visual deterrent with basic functionality.

Most wireless alarms also have a good range of accessories, that allows you to expand the system (or move it) when you need to. Integrated smart alarm systems may also incorporate security cameras, floodlight security cameras to provide a wider scope of protection. Whatever your needs, there is a solution that provides your home with protection and you with peace of mind.

More Than an Alarm

What’s great about wireless alarms nowadays, is they don’t just act as intruder deterrents, the latest systems have a wide range of compatible accessories that can be added to the system at any time.

You can also add extra safeguarding detectors, such as the water detector for appliances in the instance of a leak or just simply add remote controls for your extended family to use should they need to. Some wireless alarms work on different frequencies, so make sure you get the accessories that are compatible with your alarm system - if you need help, just ask? 

Expanding the System

You can also expand the alarm system by adding security cameras to keep an eye on things when you’re not there. They can also provide a further visual deterrent on the outside of the property or on outbuildings to any potential intruders.

Most cameras can also be used stand-alone if you have an older alarm system, operating them independently of the alarm system. With the latest technology, wireless cameras can be installed easily and with footage viewed from your smartphone, remote monitoring is simple.

Doorstep Security

Sometimes one area we neglect when it comes to home security is the doorstep. Occasionally we get those nuisance callers to our door that we just don’t need. Establishing who is at your door before you open it is a great way to prevent any unwanted visitors.

Even when you aren’t at home, if you want to be able to see who is at your door, then you can opt for a smart video doorbell. A smart video doorbell, not only allows you to check the visitor at your door from your smartphone while you’re at home, but from wherever you are, ideal for those deliveries when you’re not at home. It also comes with built in motion detection, so you can set a perimeter around the entrance to monitor too.  

Entrance Point Security

Now we have sorted out the house security, the perimeter security and the doorstep security; it’s also worth taking some time to consider what locks etc are on your windows and doors. Standards are changing all the time, so it’s important that windows and doors that are a few years old are kept up to date with the latest security products. Make sure your door cylinders are BS Kitemarked and have 3 Stars – this symbolises maximum security; and for existing windows, additional locks and safety restrictors can be fitted and window handles upgraded to refresh and re-secure your property.

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