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How to Choose Your Home Security System

If you need a replacement or brand-new Alarm System, the first thing you need to decide is whether to go Wired or Wireless - there are advantages and disadvantages to both.


A Wired system will obviously mean you will need wires that connect your alarm control panel to your PIR and other sensors and on some alarms, you have the option for these to be monitored. Generally, you will also need a professional or competent DIY’er to install such alarm system as they may require some electrical work.

However, with a Wireless system you have the option to start small and expand as you go. Starting with a kit system and then adding additional accessories such as PIR’s, SOS emergency buttons, remote controls etc means if you make changes to your property you can add more sensors as you go without having to hide unsightly wires. They can also be installed simply and easily with most systems being plug and play out of the box.

Here at Response we have a range of options in either Wired or Wireless depending on your preference. It’s a good idea to think about what benefits you want from a system before making the choice.

Do you need Smartphone App control that sends you notifications when you’re on the move?


If so, our HomeGuard Cloud Alarm if the one for you – the simply Hub means you control everything via your Smartphone and you get peace of mind with the alert log and notifications. You can also expand this system with a range of accessories from Internal Cameras, to external Sirens, to Water Detectors and Remote Controls. The system is also compatible with Lightwave Connected Home technology and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Shop HomeGuard Alarms

Do you need a keypad operated simple alarm with solar siren for visual home protection?  


If so, our miGuard SL2 system comes with a simple keypad, solar siren, PIR's, Door/ Window Magnetic and Remote Controls. The simple wireless keypad can be installed outside the entry door so users can arm and disarm the system after inputting a passcode or use a personal disarm RFID tag (purchased separately) close to the RFID reader to disarm the system. Ideal for families as children can use the seperate RFID easily to disarm the system when arriving home from school. 

Shop SL2 Alarms 

Do you need a basic starter alarm that perhaps can be used for a Garage or student accommodation?  


If so, our A105 system comes with an internal Siren and Strobe, plus a PIR, Door/ Window Magnetic and Remote Controls. You can protect your student room at night by simply arming the Door Contact and then when you’re out and about, arm the PIR and Door Contact to protect your possessions. Most people think about alarms systems as ‘house’ protectors but as with the A105 they can be used in a number of situations to make our loved one feel safe.

Shop A105 Alarms 

Prefer a Control Panel that allows you to operate and programme the system from here?  



If so, our SA Alarm range gives you the option of a control panel that is fully programmable within designated zones based on your preference. The SA3E Plus also has auto dialler functionality if an event is triggered to alert pre-programmed telephone numbers.


Shop SA Range Alarms 

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