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How to Expand Your Home Security System

Whether you have an existing wireless alarm system and want to include more accessories or you have a wireless starter kit and wish to enhance with a control panel; you can easily expand your Home Security System in a few simple steps. 


Take a step back and look at your security, what changes to your lifestyle or property have you made since you fitted your wireless burglar alarm. Maybe you have built an extension or conservatory, perhaps a spare room is now an office or a child's bedroom now has TV's and computers in it; what additional equipment do you need to make sure your home is covered?


Protect all home entry points

Firstly, make sure you have the main access points of your house protected. Remember, a burglar can only enter the house via a door or window. Therefore, make sure you have protected the front and back doors, the living area and the main bedrooms are all covered. Are there any other areas where an additional PIR is needed, such as a garage, outbuilding or office? Do you have adequate magnetic sensors on all door and windows likely to be accessed? If not, it's simple to add - takes less than 20 minutes to pair and with no wires its quick to do.

Click on your alarm system below to see accessories 


Operate the system easier 

Adding elements such as Remote Controls or RFID Tags can make operating your alarm system much easier. Rather than using the Control Panel you can choose to simply operate at a swipe of a tag or press of a button. Adding a personal SOS alert button can also trigger an alert to notify of an emergency situation. 


Further peace of mind

Increase your peace of mind by adding accessories such as water detectors and vibration sensors that can alert you to any situations within your home that you may not be aware of. 

The use of Sirens, either solar powered or mains powered will add that visual deterrent to the outside of the property to give an audible and visual indication that an event has triggered. This may also alert your neighbours to any potential problems so they can help. Or the use of a Dummy Siren can provide an additional visual deterrent to either the rear of the property or another viewpoint. The addition of external cameras can also be a way to monitor your home remoteley through a smartphone app. 

For inside the home you can add a wireless mini strobe siren for visual and audible indication internally. You can also add internal WiFi cameras that connect to an app, to allow you to monitor inside your home from wherever you are. 


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