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ERA Protect Alarm System

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ERA Protect: Questions and Answers


Question: How many accessories can the ERA Protect system support?

Answer: One ERA Protect alarm hub system can support up 96 wireless accessories which can be a mixture of remotes, keypads, door/ window magnetic sensors, PIR's and wireless sirens.


Question: Why does the alarm hub require an ethernet connection and not connect via WiFi?

Answer: If your WiFi signal is unreliable or intermittent, using a direct ethernet connection will give you a much better consistent connection direct to your router. The signal won’t therefore be interrupted by other items using the WiFi.


Question: What is a WiFi hotspot?

Answer: Your hub can be used as a WiFi hotspot to allow the cameras to connect to the hub via WiFi. This means that if the internet does go down, the cameras (the first 4) are also able to utilise the 4G back-up SIM as the hub will pick up the strongest mobile signal to ensure the system still operates even during internet downtime (Plus subscription required).


Question: Can I use my own SIM card in the Hub?

Answer: No, the 4G back-up SIM is built in and cannot be removed or changed. You do not need a Pay-As-You-Go SIM as the SIM will automatically look for the strongest mobile signal if required (Plus subscription required). 


Question: What frequency does the system operate on?

Answer: The hub and accessories operate on the 868Mhz frequency. All communications are two-way FSK encrypted, so you can be sure of a secure connection every time.


Question: What does two-way communication mean?

Answer: Two-way communication means that when you signal the hub to perform an action e.g. arm the system, a communication is sent back from each sensor to confirm the action has been received.





ERA Protect Accessories: Questions and Answers


Question: What does the Plus button do on the ERA Protect Remote Control?

Answer: The Plus action button on the ERA Protect Remote Control can be used once you subscribe to the Plus or Plus Premium subscription package. This button can be personalised to your needs – you can choose to use the button to:

  • Turn cameras on/ off
  • Send a predetermined text to a designated contact number


Question: How long will the batteries last in my sensors?

Answer: On average, we would expect the minimum battery life for the PIR sensor, door/ window magnetic to be 2 years (dependent on usage). 


Question: How long will the batteries last in my siren? 

Answer: On average, we would expect the minimum battery life for the live siren to be 4 years (dependent on usage). For the replica siren, we would expect 15 months - 2 years.


Question: How do I change the battery in my PIR Sensor?

Answer: There is an easy pull out cover at the top of your PIR. Simply pull upwards, remove old battery, replace with a new one and then reattach the cover.


Question: What are siren comfort lights?

Answer: Comfort lights are fitted to both the live and replica sirens. These are using to give a visual indication that the alarm is active. These white LED lights flash once every 3-4 seconds whether the alarm is armed or not.


Question: Why is my siren battery and not solar powered? 

Answer: Battery technology is now much more advanced in terms of longevity and power, which means the frequency that batteries need to replaced is now lower. Plus, not having solar panels will not restrict the position the siren can be fixed. The power from the batteries, ensures a brighter LED comfort light continuously flashing.


Question: Does my siren flash when I arm and disarm the ERA Protect alarm?

Answer: Yes, when you arm or disarm the system the siren will flash once to indicate that a communication has been received. The alarm will not sound.




ERA Protect Camera: Questions and Answers

Please contact us if you have any questons. 





ERA Protect App: Questions and Answers  


Question: Who owns/ runs the ERA Protect app?

Answer: ERA have a team of developers here in the UK that design, manage and maintain the ERA Protect app with over the air cloud updates so you always have the latest version. Our app team have created an intuitive user-friendly app that guides you through the process of setting up and managing your integrated alarm and camera system. If you do need any help, we have a team of UK tech support that can help (Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm). 


Question: Does ERA Protect work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa?

Answer: Yes, the ERA Protect can be used with compatible devices (Alexa and Google Home) to control your alarm system using your voice. You can use this feature to arm or part arm your alarm, disarm with a PIN, record a video (with compatible camera), turn on/off camera privacy mode and much more. If you upgrade to an ERA Protect Plus or Plus Premium subscriptions, you can also use the smart speaker for ‘voice calling’.





ERA Protect General: Questions and Answers 


Question: Who is ERA?

Answer: ERA understand security, with over 180 years of security experience under their belts, they combine this with the latest technology and functionality – to bring you the latest connected smart home security. The ERA Protect system is not about gadgets, it's a security solution for those serious about protecting their home. We have a dedicated UK development team who work to give you the very best in security for your home. Fitted with GDPR compliant cloud storage, your data is fully encrypted and tested to the British Standard Kitemark for IoT devices.


Question: Is my data safe?

Answer: Each device has a unique ID that is paired to your hub on set. The system has GDPR compliant cloud storage, your data is fully FSK encrypted and tested to the British Standard Kitemark for IoT devices.


Question: Would the ERA Protect alarm system be compatible for business premises?

Answer: Yes, it’s ideal for small businesses as the system can be operated and checked remotely. You can integrate cameras and alarms to monitor and protect 1 or more locations from one app. It’s a simple DIY set up so professional installation isn’t always required; however, we do have a database of ‘ERA Approved Smart Installers’ that can help with seamless installation. Plus, if you add ERA Protect Plus Premium you can be reassured of that your business has cost effective professional monitoring looking after your business wherever you are. As the business grows you can also choose to bolster the system and add further accessories – more cameras, more sensors, additional remotes etc so you can be covered no matter how large your business becomes.


Question: Do I need a professional to install the ERA Protect alarm / camera system?

Answer: The ERA Protect system has been designed to be a simple install for a competent DIY’er. However, we do have a database of ‘ERA Approved Smart Installers’ that can help with seamless installation if required. 

The app is intuitive and giddies you through the process of how to set up and pair the accessories and hub. The hub requires an ethernet connection and standard UK power socket and all other accessories (e.g. PIR sensor, door/ window magnetic sensors, remotes and keypad) are wireless and use batteries for power. They can be fixed to the wall/ doors/ windows etc with either the 3M tape or wall fixings provided. 

In terms of the cameras, the external camera can operate on WiFi or using an ethernet connection and requires a UK mains socket to power the unit. Depending on where the camera is fitted, you may need to drill a hole to ensure the cables can be connected. There is a drilling template provided to fix the camera plate to the wall. 

For the Floodlight external camera, the unit requires hard wiring to a power supply. If you are unsure of how to install this, it’s always best to seek advice before attempting. If you have an existing floodlight that you wish to replace, you may be able to use an existing power supply, however you must ensure you take precautions to isolate the power beforehand. This will not require Part P certification. The floodlight can use WiFi connection to the hub via the aerial or if you wish there is an option to wire in an ethernet cable (diagrams are available in the quick start guide).

If you have a question and you can't find the answer on the Knowledge Base, please contact our experts and we will try to help. 

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