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Frequently asked questions 


Questions and Answers

Question: Are your alarms rated under the EN 50131 grading system?

Answer: All our systems are Grade 1 according to EN50131-1


Jargon Buster


Key terminology you may come across 

GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) – digital telephone technology used to send calls from your alarms control panel if a mobile SIM card is used. Useful if you would like your alarm to alert your named users when triggered.  


SMS (short message service) – commonly referred to as a text message. In terms of alarms SMS capability allows the control panel/ hub to send text messages to named users in the event of a trigger. You can also on some alarms send text messages to the alarm itself to operate it e.g. to arm, disarm etc. 


PIR (Passive InfraRed sensor) – device used to detect motion by receiving infrared radiation. When a person walks past the sensor, it detects a rapid change of infrared energy and sends a signal to either the control panel or hub. Some PIR’s are pet friendly/ tolerant which means you can have pets up to a certain weight within the home and the sensor is programmed not to signal to the control panel/ hub. Useful if you’re out and leave pets at home. Some PIR’s also have automatic temperature compensation and anti-air turbulence technology so they can adapt to environmental changes and reduce false alarms.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) – wireless communication device that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify it to a reader. In terms of alarms, RFID is used within handy personalised tags that can be used to disarm/ arm an alarm or keypad. Ideally for children as they don’t have to remember codes and quick to use when entering the home.  


1080p resolution – equates to 1920 (horizontally) x 1080 (vertically) pixels. 


720p resolution – equates to 1280 (horizontally) x 720 (vertically) pixels. 


IP rated (Ingress Protection) – defined in international standard BS EN 60529 and are used to define the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical items from foreign bodies e.g. dirt and moisture. IP ratings are normally confirmed by two digits e.g. IP55. The first digit refers to the solid object ingress and the second digit refers to the water ingress. For example, a rating of IP55 means the product is dust protected and protected against water jets. A rating of IP65 means the product is completely dust-tight and protected against water jets.

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