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HomeGuard Alarms

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Questions and Answers

Question: How to pair Control Hub to Siren?

Answer: Open the siren, switch the siren on (being careful not to trigger the front and back tamper switches once it is switched on). Have the HomeGuard Pro app open and on the main landing page (you should be able to see a picture of the hub). Single press the 'learn' button on the siren and then as quickly as possible (within 15 seconds) press “Arm” on the Homeguard App. 

It’s important that when you are pairing the siren, that the entry delay on the HomeGuard Hub is set to 0 seconds or the pairing will fail. Once pairing is confirmed (press disarm on the App and you should get 2 beeps from the siren), you can then switch off the sirens power and fit it to the outside wall.


Question: How to delete accessories?

Answer: Using the HomeGuard App, swipe right on the accessory you wish to delete and the bin icon will appear, click on the bin to remove the accessory. 


Question: How to add additional users?

Answer: Additional users must first download the App and set up an account. Once this is done, the primary user can then share the alarm by entering the person's email address into the App. Sharing is the first symbol next to "MY DEVICES".


Question: What SIM card do I need?

Answer: All SIM cards must have a minimum of 2G capability. 3G SIM cards will not work. Please ensure that voicemail is deactivated, caller ID is set up and sufficient credit is on PAYG SIM card.


Question: Can the HomeGuard alarm be programmed to switch Lightwave devices on upon the activation of the alarm?

Answer: The integration between Lightwave and HomeGuard Pro is only for Arm and Disarm scenarios at this point, so for example: The HomeGuard Pro is ‘Armed’ any devices that are set up on the Lightwave account to turn off, turn down or change as part of the ‘Away’ event will do so. I.e. downstairs lights turn off and the heating turns down when the HomeGuard Pro is ‘Armed’. If the HomeGuard Pro is ‘Disarmed’ the Lightwave account runs the ‘Home’ event automatically so for example turning lights on, turn the heating up etc. At this time there is no integration for when the alarm is triggered.


Question: What happen if my HomeGuard is showing 'offline'?

Answer: If your alarm hub is showing as 'offline', please check your home internet connection. If this is ok, there may be an issue with the App. Please call our technical helpline (during office hours) to report any issues. In the meantime, your alarm can still be armed locally with the remote control, the siren and sensors will still work and if you have SIM card back up, it will still alert you by text message in the event of a break-in.


Question: How do I pair a KP700 Keypad to the HomeGuard Hub?

Answer: Within the HomeGuard App, press the 3 dots in the top right corner (menu), press the settings cog, select accessories. Press + in the top right corner. Then  as quick as you can (within 15 seconds) press “1234” and then “Arm” on the Keypad.  The keypad will then display in the accessories list under “Remote Controls”. If you press on the name you will be able to change the it from “Remote 01” to “Keypad” to make is easier to recognise. The keypad is now paired to the system.

To change the Keypad's user code or admin code - see the Keypad Knowledge Base.  

If you have a question and you can't find the answer on the Knowledge Base, please contact our experts and we will try to help. 

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