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miGuard Alarms

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miGuard G5 Alarm


Problem: Alarm messages not coming through

Suggested resolution: It is sometimes common when you are testing your SIM enabled alarm that it is not sending alarm calls/messages. This can sometimes be because when you are triggering the alarm you are immediately disarming it via their remote therefore not giving the panel chance to call or text. The solution would be to trigger the alarm and wait 30 seconds.


Questions and Answers

Question: How do I do a master reset?

Answer: Press (and release) the tamper switch 5 times or send "0000" to the panel. The panel will beep twice, and the panel will be reset. This will clear all stored phone numbers and accessories.


Question: How do I enter Test Mode?

Answer: To enter Test Mode press the UNARM button on the Control Panel three times until the system beeps once. Please note after 10 minutes the system will automatically exit Test Mode.

It is also possible to exit Test Mode by pressing the ARM button. When the system is in Test Mode, the Panel beeps three times and lights up the zone numbers (zones 1-9 only) when a Sensor is triggered, instead of activating the siren.


Question: How to pair or delete a Wireless Siren?

Answer: The Siren is an additional accessory. Press the connect button on the Siren Unit for 0.5 seconds. The Siren will beep once and its LED starts to flash. Now press the arm button on the Control Panel. You will hear a single beep when paired successfully. To delete the Siren hold the connect button on the Siren for about 5 seconds until a double beep is heard. The Control Panel is now deleted from the Siren.


Question: How to pair Remote Controls and Sensors?

Answer: Enter the password on the Control Panel and press the "tape" button. The button will light up. Trigger the Remote or Sensor. The Control Panel will beep once when the connection is successful. If the System beeps twice the Sensor has already been connected.


Question: What batteries are required for the Control Panel?

Answer: These panels take 2 x BL-5B 3.7V batteries.


Question: SIM Card - what do I need before I start?

Answer: A SIM card with credit - the SIM cannot be on the 3 Mobile network as this not compatible. The Voicemail must be off (you can dial the number to turn it off via the panel if needed), there must be no password on the SIM card (SIM lock).


miGuard AW1 Alarm

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I do a factory reset?

Answer: Press and hold the [WiFi] button inside the Control Panel for 7 seconds. You will hear one short beep after 3 seconds and then a long beep after another 4 seconds. The reset has been completed and all the settings have been restored to default conditions. Please note that this process does not delete any Sensors.


miGuard A11 Alarm


Problem: Telephone/ Telecommunicating Issues 

Suggested resolution: If you are experiencing issues with the line status or any issues with the telecommunicating side of the alarm system at all, please make sure you are using the correct lead (supplied). It must be connected with a modem lead and not the standard BT-RJ11 lead.


Questions and Answers

Question: How do I do a reset?

Answer: Login to the menu using the reset admin code. Choose "reset" in system settings. Press "reset", the system will reset to default setting including deletion of phone numbers.


Question: How do I restore the Admin Code?

Answer: Input 1234561234 and then press and hold * for 3 seconds. A long beep is heard, the admin code will restore to default setting. You can now use the default admin code to reset the alarm if needed.


Question: How do I add, delete or edit accessories?

Answer: To add, delete or edit a sensor, you simply have to scroll through the menu system to accessories (after first inputting your 6 digit code) and then pick the relevant option to what you want to do.


Question: How to pair a Wireless Siren?

Answer: Enter the Siren into ‘pairing state’ (usually done by pressing the learn button). Press [Disarm] or [SOS] on the Control Panel to send out a pairing signal to the Siren. A beep heard from the Siren indicates successful pairing. If two beeps are heard, the Siren has already been paired. 


Question: What batteries are required for the Control Panel?

Answer: These panels take 2 x BL-5B 3.7V batteries.


miGuard A1R Alarm



Problem: Error message Smart Security - Change life

Suggested resolution: The error message relates to the back-up battery losing power and requires changing. The required battery is a 3.7Volt.


Problem: LED's are not flashing when on standby?

Suggested resolution: There are instances of some customers letting us know that their siren is not flashing in standby mode (it should be once every 10 seconds). Sometimes in bright daylight the LED's through the plastic bottom may be difficult to see, this is accentuated on the blue bottomed Siren. To see if the LED's are functioning correctly, please assess the siren at night so the light can be seen properly.


Problem: Lights are flashing?

Suggested resolution: In majority of cases if the lights on the ERA siren's start to flash continuously (once every three seconds) then this means the battery in the siren needs replacing.


Problem: Jamming detection

Suggested resolution: If set to on, the siren may be when the alarm is armed or disarmed. If only the siren is flashing and a control panel is present then check to see if jamming detection is enabled.



Question: How do I connect a wireless accessory to a siren?

Answer: Ideally it makes sense to just pair a remote to the siren initially and then to use the remote to learn other sensors to the siren.

Press the learn button on the Solar Siren (0.5 seconds), the system enters learn mode after one beep is heard. Then press the test button on the accessory or trigger the accessory once (any button on remote). The wireless accessory is now successfully paired after a second beep. If two beeps are heard, the accessory is already paired. To finish pairing the accessories, press the learn button on the siren again to exit learn mode (one beep will be heard).


Question: How do I put the siren into test mode for maintenance? 

Answer: Test Mode prevents the siren's tamper switch from triggering an alarm during maintenance or when changing the battery.

When a remote control is connected to the siren, press the unlock button 3 times (within 5 seconds) to enter test mode, the Siren will emit a long beep indicating that the system is now in test mode. During this period the siren will not alarm but will beep if the tamper switch or the connected sensors are triggered. Press lock on the remote control to exit test mode (a short beep will be heard) - the system is now armed. To disarm, press the unlock button on the remote control. 


Question: How to enter/ exit learning status using a connected remote control? 

Answer: If the Siren has been fitted as a standalone system, additional accessories can easily be paired to the siren without the need to remove the siren from the wall.

Press unlock on the remote control 3 times (within 5 seconds) to enter test mode. Then press home arm 3 times (within 5 seconds) to enter learn mode. A long beep is heard from the siren indicating that it is now in learn mode. Now, press the test button on the additional accessory or trigger the accessory once. The Siren will beep again to indicate that the accessory has been successfully paired with the Siren. Press lock on the remote control to exit learn mode, it will emit one beep - the system is now armed. To disarm, press the unlock button on the remote control. 


Question: What do I do with the rubber grommet seal in the Siren box? 

Answer: This is a grey coloured seal supplied with the siren box, used to seal the tamper switch on the back of the Siren. Please attached this over the tamper button prior to installing the Siren on the wall. 




Questions and Answers

Question: What SIM card do I need?

Answer: All SIM cards must have a minimum of 2G capability. 3G SIM cards will not work. Please ensure that voicemail is deactivated, caller ID is set up and sufficient credit is on PAYG SIM card.



Problem: I have a false when the system is not armed?

Suggested resolution: If an alarm system is false alarming when the system is not armed then this would be in indication of a tamper problem. If it is a system with a control panel and this is alarming as well as the siren then, it will either be a control panel tamper or a sensor tamper. If it is a system with a control panel but only the siren is alarming then it will be siren tamper.


Problem: I have a false alarm straight after arming in the same zone?

Suggested resolution: A possible cause of this may be that it's not actually the sensor that has been added to the system and instead a nearby "rogue" signal. A sure way to tell would be to trigger the tamper on the problem sensor, if it does not trigger the alarm then evidently it is not added to the system and something else is on that zone. The solution would therefore be to delete the zone and re-add the sensor as fast as is humanly possible (before the rogue signal pairs). Finally test for success by triggering the tamper on the newly added sensor. If it triggers the alarm then this has been completed successfully. 


Problem: I have a tamper alert?

Suggested resolution: If you have a false tamper alert on the siren a possible cause could be the plate might not be fited properly, the raw plugs may not be pushed into the wall properly, the wrong screws could have been used to install it, or you may need to pad out the tamper on the panel itself.

If you have a question and you can't find the answer on the Knowledge Base, please contact our experts and we will try to help. 

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