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Protect Alarms

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I set up Amazon Alexa to work with Y-cam Protect?

Answer: To set up Amazon Alexa you need to first set up the Y-cam Skill. You need to do the following:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Select Options and then Skills.
  • Search for Y-cam.
  • Select Y-cam.
  • Press Enable.
  • You then need to enter your Username and Password for your Y-cam account that has Y-cam Protect Installed.
  • Press Login.
  • Press Accept.
  • You will get a screen confirming the Y-cam Skill was successfully linked. Press the 'X' in the top left corner.

Now you need to set up a PIN so you can use Alexa to Disarm. You need to do the following to set up the PIN.

  • Make sure that Alexa can hear you.
  • Say "Alexa, tell ycam to set up my PIN".
  • You can then follow the instructions to set up your 4 digit PIN.


Question: What commands can I use with Amazon Alexa?

Answer: To use Amazon Alexa with Y-cam Protect you need to be within range so that Alexa can hear you. The commands to use are as follows:

To arm: "Alexa, tell YCAM to arm."

For the phones that have the Y-cam app installed a Push Notification will be received confirming Y-cam Protect has been armed.

To disarm: "Alexa, tell YCAM to disarm with [SAY PIN]."

For the phones that have the Y-cam app installed a Push Notification will be received confirming Y-cam Protect has been disarmed.

To put into Home Mode: "Alexa, tell YCAM to Home Mode."

When giving Alexa instructions then it is important you say "Alexa, tell YCAM to...". If you do not do this then skill will not work. Also you just need to say YCAM, it will not work if you say Y dash CAM.


Question: How to setup a Y-cam Protect?

Answer: To set up Y-cam Protect you first need to have our Y-cam app. The Y-cam app is available for iOS and Android devices. The links for the app are below.

iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/y-cam/id1076367744

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ycam.evo

If you already have an account with Y-cam press Login, otherwise press Sign up.

Select Y-cam Protect from the Device Type screen, and follow the setup process.

Once you have added the Y-cam Protect Hub to your account, please add your sensors. To add sensors please press the '+' icon in the top right corner and then select Add Device, and then follow the steps to pair the sensors or remotes to your hub,

When you have set up your Protect System please test it by arming it and triggering the alarm.


Question: What are phone call alerts?

Answer: Phone call alerts is a Y-cam Plus feature that works with your Y-cam Protect Alarm System. It is designed to inform you by telephone call when your alarm goes off.

Instant phone call alert on alarm trigger
As soon as your Protect Alarm System is triggered, as a Plus service customer you will receive a phone call alerting you to the alarm going off. This means wherever you are you will be instantly informed.

The information you need instantly
When you receive the rapid response phone call you will be given the information you need. You will be told your alarm is going off and which individual Sensor has triggered the alarm. You will then be given options to disarm, visually verify what has happened (if you have Y-cam cameras at the location), and you can also get us to call your trusted contact, keeping you informed and enabling you to take an informed decision about the appropriate action to take.

Diverts to a Trusted Contact if you are unavailable
If you are unable or unavailable to take the alarm trigger call we will immediately call your pre-defined Trusted Contact, meaning they can take the appropriate action on your behalf.

Human Voice
We use Natural Language Voice core technology to speak to you. This is the same technology that Amazon use in Alexa meaning you get a clear voice that can recognise accents as well as speak natively in 24 languages.

SMS confirmation
If you are unable to answer you rapid response alarm trigger phone call and neither is your trusted contact we will send you an SMS informing you not only that we could not reach your trusted contact but also the detailed information about what has caused your alarm trigger.

Know what’s happening instantly at your property when the alarm is triggered
We will provide you with detailed information on the phone call about what has caused your alarm to trigger we will also guide you to visually verify what has triggered your alarm. This means you can understand the full picture and take the appropriate action. You can also disarm the alarm during the rapid response call or at any time afterwards.

No European roaming costs
We do not charge any extra for usage in Europe. This means wherever you are in Europe or if you take the alarm with you will not be charged any extra and still have full usage of the Protect alarm system and still be informed by rapid response phone call I your alarm has been triggered. Click here to see which countries support Y-cam Protect.


Question: How to set up phone call alerts?

Answer: Phone Call Alerts is a Y-cam Plus feature, so you need to have this service on your account. To setup Phone Call Alerts for your Y-cam Protect alarm system you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Y-cam app.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Hub Settings.
  5. Select your Hub.
  6. Select Phone Numbers.
  7. Select Primary Number.
  8. Select your country from the drop down list.
  9. Enter the full mobile number you want called in the first instance, when the alarm is triggered.
  10. Press Send Code
  11. Enter the 4 digit verification code you receive by SMS text message from AUTHMSG. Your Primary Number will then be registered.
  12. Select Trusted Number.
  13. Select the country from the drop down list.
  14. Enter the full landline or mobile number, you want called in case the Primary Number is not available or you are not able to take action when the alarm is triggered.
  15. Name your contact.
  16. Press Finish.
  17. Press the back arrow in the top left.
  18. Select Alarm Contact.
  19. To turn on Phone Call Alerts, select Voice call.
  20. Press Continue.

Now, if your Protect alarm goes off, the Primary Number will receive a phone call, you can then disarm the system, or request your Trusted Number receives a phone call. If your Trusted Number is not available for any reason, you will receive a SMS text message informing you of this. You can then take appropriate action.

We use Natural Language Voice core technology to speak to you. This is the same technology that Amazon use in Alexa meaning you get a clear voice that can recognise accents as well as speak natively in 24 languages. To ensure we pronounce your name correctly as the Primary Number please check your account details are correct by doing the following:

  1. Open the Y-cam app.
  2. Select Options, and then Account Settings.
  3. Select First Name, and enter your First Name.
  4. Press Save.
  5. Select Surname, and enter your Surname.
  6. Press Save.


Question: What do the app icons mean?

Answer: The main screen of the Y-cam app for Protect has 8 icons. These are explained below:

The '+' in the top right is used to add your sensors, remotes or Upgrade to Plus.

At the top of the screen is your status bar:

SOURCE will be Mains or Battery.

  • In the event of a power cut, the Protect system will powered by the built in battery supply. This will power the hub for up to 8 hours.

MODE will be Disarmed, Armed or Home.

  • Disarmed means the system is off, and will not trigger the alarm
  • Armed means that your whole system has been set. If the Access Sensor(s) or Motion Sensor(s) are triggered, the alarm system will be activated, and you will be notified.
  • Home mode when turned on, means that the Access Sensor(s) are active, and the Motion Sensor(s) are turned off. When Home mode is used, you can move freely inside your property without triggering your alarm.

CONNECTION will be Internet or SIM.

  • When the Hub is connected to your router, and your internet connection is active, then your Protect system is connected to our service, and you will be notified when the alarm is Triggered, Disarmed, Armed or put into Home mode.
  • If you have the Y-cam Plus service, then in the event your internet service is unavailable your Hub will stay connected to our service by connecting to the strongest mobile network available. This is done through the SIM Card that is installed already. You will be notified in the same way as if your Protect system is in internet mode.

Closed Padlock is used to arm your Protect System.

Open Padlock is used to disarm your Protect System.

Home button is used to put your Protect System into Home mode.

Plus Actions is used to carry out the defined action you have selected. Plus Actions is only available for customers who have taken out our Plus Service. For further information please click here.


Question: What is the motion sensor?

Answer: The Motion Sensor will trigger the siren and send a notification to your compatible smartphone as soon as it detects motion. To ensure you do not not receive multiple notifications for the same event the sensor will stop detecting motion for the next five minutes.

During this period the LED indication light will not flash. This design feature also means the battery life of the sensor is considerably extended, so you don't have to replace the batteries as often.

If you have a question and you can't find the answer on the Knowledge Base, please contact our experts and we will try to help. 

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