Is it easy to expand your system?

How easy is it to expand you Response Alarm system
Now is the time to complete your home security - and in less than 20 minutes! That's how long it takes to add an extra PIR Movement Detector or a Magnetic Door & Window Detector. Expanding a wireless alarm system to complete your home security is quick and easy - all with no wires.
With an extra sensor you can protect your shed, garage, extension, office or workshop. Take a step back and look at your security, what changes to your lifestyle or property have you made since you fitted your wireless burglar alarm. Maybe you have built an extension or conservatory, perhaps a spare room is now an office or a child's bedroom now has TV's and computers, video games and Hi Fi.
Firstly, make sure you have the main access points of your house protected. Remember, a burglar can only enter the house via a door or window. Therefore, make sure you have protected the front and back doors, the living area and the main bedrooms.

How to Protect your Shed or Garage in 20 minutes for less than £20
Take a moment and add up the cost of all the portable items you have in your shed or garage and then think about the cost of replacing them. Most sheds and garages hold tools, bikes, golf clubs, sports equipment and expensive gardening equipment, yet they are often left unlocked (for ease of access) or have a cheap latch and padlock that can easily be defeated. At best the contents of your shed or garage may be stolen, at worst they will use your tools and ladders to break into your home.

You can quickly and simply extend the protection from your existing system by adding additional Detectors, such as Magnetic Contact Door & Window Detector or a PIR Movement Detector. Magnetic Contacts are ideal for protecting a single door or window, and are activated as soon as the door is opened. A PIR Movement Detector will protect the whole area and works by detecting the movements of a person entering the area. By adding a Magnetic Door Detector you can quickly and simply protect your shed or garage door. If your garage has more than one access point, such as a door and a window, you should consider a PIR Movement Detector to protect the whole garage. Remember, if you have an alarm with a control panel, this can even be set on the 'part arm' setting to allow the shed or garage to be alarmed even while you are in the house - day or at night.

How to use the 'Part Arm facility' to increase the protection for your home.
Most people only put their alarm on when they leave their home empty. However, statistic show that an increasing number of burglaries happen during the day, even when the house is occupied. We all lock our doors at night, but opportunist burglars know that few people lock their door during the day. By using the part arm facility it is possible to protect part of your home while leaving another part open.

If you have an alarm with a control panel, then you will have a 'Part Arm' facility. With part arm it is possible for you to 'activate' only designated accessories; for example, 'only those down stairs' or 'only the door contacts' or 'just your shed and garage'. This way, for example, you can be asleep in bed and still protect downstairs or your outbuildings. Another example would be to protect your front door while you are in the garden. It is also possible to set your 'Part Arm' from your remote control, depending on your model.

Did you know?

'80% of burglaries are by opportunists and can happen anytime of the day'

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